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About Me

Lead of: Human Resources

Species: Gengar, Male

Class: Mischievous Ghost

Siding: Chaotic Good

Main Interests: Pokémon, Retro Gaming, Pyrotechnics, the Paranormal

Jinji's story (abridged version):

Jinji has quite a complicated history, which for some reason he does not like going into very much. However, his back-story is slowly becoming more apparent to those around him. Though it is still unknown what the nature of the dispute is, a series of unpleasant events and fights with other Ghosts within the Spirit Realm has split the realm apart. Believed to have been one of the catalysts for this split, Jinji is now considered an outcast by some of his kind - but there is a significant majority of Ghosts who stand by his side, resulting in him becoming a de-facto "leader of the Ghost Pokémon" as the majority show their belief in him and his cause - a trait he makes no modesty about, but at the same time never abuses. These Ghosts stand by his side at all times and he has nicknamed them his "brethren".

It is rare for Ghosts to leave the Spirit Realm as it is their main home and links between that realm and our own are few and far between; but while the realm remains damaged, Jinji simply does not desire to remain in it too long; and neither do his "brethren". As a result, he rarely remains in the Spirit Realm. There are rumours, however, that Jinji constantly resides between the realms and visits both occasionally, though that would imply that a permanent link existed, a theory still under debate by most scholars.

To help him feel at home when not in the Ghostly realm, Jinji decided many years ago to attempt to make friends with those not of his own realm, to give him a place when he wants to explore. This has not been as much a problem to him as you'd first expect, as Jinji has managed to find common bonds with both other Pokémon and humans, and therefore finds it easy to make anyone his friend. Jinji's favourite non-Ghost Pokémon now include Totodile, Golem, Grimer, Koffing, Darkrai, Garbodor, Charizard and Absol. There is not enough room to explain the reasons for these, but he would be pleased to explain them all in a PM.

Jinji takes great pleasure in being in the Earthly Realm, as he finds many things within it pleasurable. His favourite things are sweet food, especially when chocolate is involved; computer games; and being able to scare those of a weaker disposition - Gengar are always pranksters, and Jinji is quite a joker who just loves to laugh. He's also somewhat childish in spite of his maturity, particularly loving to play with slime and sludge and make a mess. When he isn't scaring people or eating dreams, Jinji likes to be fun, funny and easy to get along with, and enjoys laughing as much as he can. But NEVER try to get on his bad side - not only can he be INCREDIBLY serious and strict when the need arises, but he's also never one to deny himself to throwing a Shadow Ball at your face if it pleases him!

Status Updates


Anyone want to read a festive tale of Ghosts, snowball fights and fun I've written? Both parts now live! Check me out on DA!

Jinji [ADM] · Sunday, 25th Dec 2016, 02.03


Jinji [ADM] · Sunday, 25th Dec 2016, 02.03


In regards to my advertising my DeviantArt last night, I just want to make clear I am primarily a writer, NOT an artist.

Jinji [ADM] · Friday, 23rd Dec 2016, 01.34


pffff, writers ARE artists, don't try to avoid that Jinji -.-

Klay · Friday, 23rd Dec 2016, 08.39


Maybe that's true Klay, but at least three times now people have assumed I have some sort of talent with making sprites etc..

Jinji [ADM] · Friday, 23rd Dec 2016, 16.10


Feel free to visit me on DeviantArt or Patreon for an XMas tale I wrote

Jinji [ADM] · Thursday, 22nd Dec 2016, 02.33


Are you an artist , i am also a graphic designer and an interface designer

thelegend2 · Thursday, 22nd Dec 2016, 07.32

Jinji Gehehe...

Jinji [ADM] · Sunday, 22nd May 2016, 15.51


This just gave me a bit of inspiration... Hmm...

N9ne · Sunday, 22nd May 2016, 16.19


Oh, N9ne? (grins)

Jinji [ADM] · Sunday, 22nd May 2016, 18.07


A warm welcome back to the Playerdex! Thanks for your patience. It's great to be able to haunt... I mean see you again :P

Jinji [ADM] · Wednesday, 18th May 2016, 15.46


Thanks for everyone for their understanding as well during the downtime.

takuku · Wednesday, 18th May 2016, 15.51


Currently mad at Gourgeist after realising that, by being a Ghost inside a pumpkin, its stolen one of my favourite tricks!

Jinji [ADM] · Thursday, 23rd Oct 2014, 21.53


Kekeh! I kid, I'm not mad at you at all Gourgeist. Great to finally introduce an ACTUAL pumpkin ghost into our family

Jinji [ADM] · Friday, 24th Oct 2014, 22.57