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About Me

Hello Trainer; and thank you for comeing to visit this profile. I hope you do not get put off by the smell ^^

The story of this Garbodor starts in 2009, in a dump south of Unova. Here, one day, next to a very large heap of garbage, I waked up for the first time I remember. I believe I come from the trash here, but I do not remember anything before this - or even about being born.

The dump be one that people want to get closed, because substances of a highly toxic nature have ended up there and have leaked into some of the garbage, makeing the place dangerous and very smelly - maybe this created I as well, who may say for sure? Like the dump, I also be very toxic and very smelly - even more than a Garbodor usually be. As a result, one day when I lose a rigged battle, a mean trainer say I should be called "The Stinkiest Garbodor".

Though I first become upset with the name, when I become stronger I wanted to show I may not cry any longer - so I took the name to show the person who gave that to I that names may never hurt I. But the name I really have be Mallow; and I do not mind being called other things as long as you be kind

For a long time, the dump become the home for I. But the dump be quite small with not a lot to see; and one day I become curious. So I stepped outside the dump to see the bigger world. Sadly, the world thought I be a danger and maked I have to keep going back to the dump, sometimes getting into fights along the way. This maked I very shy. Thankfully, a nice Trainer heard this story and come to the dump to find I. He watched I from a distance for some time, and though he first be scared and disgusted, he realised that I be a nice, kind Garbodor who never wanted to cause harm. When he finally introduced himself, I felt scared, but he try to become a friend and be kind, which no-one ever have before. He taught I words; and I learned to use the sounds of Garbodor to create a crude language. When I say to him how I wanted to leave the dump, but people hated I, he asked if he could "catch" I and I become his Pokemon; and he may take I with him on his journeys. So I agreed.

The Trainer decided I needed to find a new home - somewhere where I have a lot of space and people may be more accepting of I. That new home be PWO. I have now lived here for several years and have maked friends of ZainPF, Jinji, Mozixlar, sam5010, CharlotteOne and more. Because of the love each friend gives, I have learned to control the stench I have, useing deodorant and baths to remove when this comes back - but sometimes if I get surprised or sad, I lose control and the stench comes back in full. Makeing anyone disgusted be this Garbodor's biggest fear

Today, I lead the "Team Aqua Guardians" Guild, where we help each other become friends and get stronger. I hope to grow the Guild to be the best ever and make tons more friends on the way. If you be able to trade and you do not mind Garbodor hugs, you be welcome to join too!

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